Worship of Durga, the mother-goddess, dates back 7000 years.  Durga is first mentioned in the Mahabharata as a virgin delighting in wine, flesh, and animal sacrifice, although her primary scripture is the Chandi (or Devi Mahatmaya).  As Uma, she plays the role of the lover and Siva's Sakti, although later tradition has Durga dance on the corpse of Siva. As Sakti, she is the Ultimate Female Principle of Energy and Motion- she manifests all.  More widespread worship of her is found in texts of the 4th and 7th centuries with the resurgence of goddess worship.  She is the only female deity after whom and entire Upanisad is named.  As Kali, she is the black, fierce goddess of death and destruction, the "Power of Eternal Time".  In light of this, Durga is the giver of both life and death.

Throughout India, many retellings exist of the slaying of Mahisa, the buffalo demon.  The following (basic) retelling comes from literature surrounding the 1996 Calcutta Durga Puja, though the original source of the myth is virtually unknown, and most likely predates any Aryan contact in the Indus Valley.

UTSAV CLUB was organized in the year 1995 .By the grace of DURGA MATA and her blessing had lead this club .

We the team member of UTSAV CLUB join hands to make this club world known. 

Our founder members are  B.K Dutta, Miss S. Dutta, S.K Arora , Bhola Mitra,

 Sanjay Dutta , P.DAS , Rakesh Pandey , Pramod Singhal , A.K.Vishwas ,

  Rajender Pokhariyal.